S.O.S. Tourneys

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MISSION - The Home Front Military Network (HFMN) provides emergency and responsive support and grants for Colorado’s military members, veterans and their families, who have been impacted by service to our Nation.

VISION - That the Home Front Military Network emergency financial bridge provides hope for a brighter future to our Colorado  military members, veterans and their families.

The organization began in 2003 as an all-volunteer initiative led by Bob Carlone and Joe Henjum, two Vietnam era, retired Air Force colonels, who were keenly aware of the financial and emotional struggles of deployed military members’ families. Bob and Joe wanted to ensure that the military families who were left behind while our service members were deployed were taken care of. In our first full year of operation, we provided some $34,000 in emergency aid to Colorado military families and for our first five years of existence we were an all-volunteer initiative.  Over the next Fifteen years, our focus shifted from deployed military families to veterans of all wars. This shift was in response to the ever increasing number of service members transitioning into civilian life. Since 2003, THFC has grown annually, significantly increasing the amount distributed from $34,000 in our first year to over $350,000 last year.