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El Paso County Search and Rescue is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to saving lives through search, rescue and education.


EPCSAR provides search and rescue services primarily in the jurisdiction of El Paso County, Colorado, under the authority of the  El Paso County Sheriff.  However, the team also responds to requests for assistance from other counties through a cooperative arrangement with the Colorado Search and Rescue Board (CSRB). 

El Paso County Search and Rescue maintains certification through the international   Mountain Rescue Association (MRA).  Our members, numbering over 70 strong, serve in a variety of roles while working towards a single goal, saving lives.

EPCSAR specializes in search and rescue operations involving:

  • Rescue or Medical Assistance
  • Search for missing, lost, or overdue
  • Missing aircraft, balloon, or glider
  • Activated emergency locator transmitters (ELT)
  • Activated personal locator beacons (PLB)
  • Disaster operations (flood, blizzard/snowstorm, major fire, earthquake, tornado, etc.
  • Technical rescue/recovery, such as; high angle, ice rescue, confined space, avalanche

    In 2022, EPCSAR responded to 212 calls received, 104 missions requiring 4,906 mission hours and 16,590 volunteer hours, protecting and serving our community.